Thursday, November 29, 2007

Precious Memories

The older I get,the more sentimental I get.
My kids have enjoyed my writings here so I will on.
When I was about 5 my parents decided to go to California to visit my brother who was a Marine at Camp Pendleton.
These were the days of no interstates so it was a long ride in a 1956 Buick.
I usually sat in the back seat,watching the country go by.Even them I was impressed how big our country was.I remember going through Texas and it seemed endless.
There were times when dad would lose the route and mom would look at a map and try to find where we were.
They would argue about being lost and this would really get me upset.No wonder I have panic attacks!
After finding thier way I would listen to them singing old hymns with real meaning.This is what I liked best about the trip.
We arrived in California,found my brother Jack and spent a few days with him.
Being 5,he was my hero,my oldest brother being about 12 years older then me.
We spent some tome at Disneyland and the Knotsberry Farm.
These are times I dont remember well,but this is what I have rememeberd.
Obsure memories of mine,perhaps even meaningless,but this happend to me.

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