Saturday, November 17, 2007


On August 13,1962 the Roseland neighbourhood where I grew up was in shock.
The Butler family lived two houses away from me.
Dad Butler decided to drink on a family picnic,he had way to much.
On their way home he was swerving on I 94 near 159 street.These were the days before proper guardrails.
He had a had on collision with another car instantly killing my friends Eugene,age 13,Larry age 12 and Billy age 6.The boys mother also died at the scene.
These were boys I played baseball with every day,football on the cooler days,basketball and street soccer too.
How could God let this happen?
My friends from the neighborhood were in shock.It was all to surreal for us kids.
About 10 of us were pall bearers at the funeral,we were made to wear white shirts and red ties.I helped carry Eugene.
So here I sit so many years later,carrying these things in my heart, could I have 4 kids and 10 grandchildren?
How come I am so blessed with a family that loves me?
What is fair Lord?
Many years of confusion have gone by,many years of searching for answers.
Many times I questioned God and His wisdom,many times no answers came.
Answers are still waiting to be answered,questions still remain.
I know Jesus and for now it is enough.
I still think of these guys a lot,hoping we will meet again.
By the way,dad Butler walked away with no injuries.Marylyn the one daughter who did not attend the picnic had to be sedated.

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Mark said...

What a great story to open with! I think you should stitch it all together in to a greater work.."memoirs of a clock man" or something like that.