Saturday, November 17, 2007

My Grandfathers Glasses

I have a pair of my grandfathers reading glasses here on my desk.They sit on the corner in a hard leather case.
Sentimental I guess but it seems I can never get around to putting them away.
He lived with us until I was 9.
The last time I saw grandpa John he was waving to me from a second floor hospital window.
The funeral message was delivered by a fine old pastor who was a friend of the family.The pastor spoke of Grandpa John and how much he missed his Effie.She had died many years before.
Grandpa really just wanted to go Home.
We would play sock-baseball up in his bedroom and just laugh at how silly we were.We used a pair of rolled up socks and a fly swatter for a bat.
He was always there,a friend who shared a house.
He never drove a car,he walked everywhere or took a bus.I remember walking so far to downtown Roseland my legs about fell off!His hobby was to visit funeral homes on Michigan Ave,now that wasn't to enjoyable for me! We walked to church most Sundays twice,there and back again.
We took the bus to South Holland to visit family,what an endless enjoyment he was for me as a kid to have him so close.
John and Effie had 3 kids,Dottie,Margie and Sid,they are all gone now.But what a day that will be when I get to see them all again.So, I just can't get around to putting his glasses away,when I see them they just make me smile.

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Mark said...

Very nicely written. I like that you have an object for us to focus on as you unfold the depth of the story. I'd love to hear more about him.