Monday, November 19, 2007


My wife and I are aliens.
We look at he junk Hollywood produces and the junk the music industry produces and we look at each other shaking our heads in disgust.
To all the Penn type people,Britney type people we don't care about your politics,your drug use,the abuse of your bodies or anything else about you.
Time will tell how you survive in this world,time will also tell if you survive the next.
You may go to jail for a few hours or a few days for offences to society.I fear for you,a real judgement is coming.
If you are in the entertainment business that's fine,entertain us but don't tell me I need to be green like you.Don't try the guilt trips on me.
We can survive without you and your self important ideas.
Now we shut off the television when the grandkids are over for fear of your sickening corruption.We turn it off when we are alone and put on some good music.We don't need you.
I am glad we are the aliens,I am glad we don't fit.

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