Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To My Grandsons

Today I found out my next grandkid will be a boy.
That will make 7 of you.I am very happy about this.
My prayers are with you all,all the time.
Joel,Andrew,Aaron,Joshua,Alistair,Caleb and one to come.Maybe more?
How I wonder what your future holds.
How I pray even now for Christian wives,like your moms and like gramma Lanting.
Walk the narrow path my sons,walk with Jesus.
Don't believe in any watered down gospel.It has always been the same gospel and it does not change,ever.
Pray always.
Study his word,study hard in school.
Be compassionate.
Be patient in life.
Whatever you do for a living,do it well and do it with everything you have.
Work is not just work.It should be your passion too.
Honor your mom and dad always as my kids have done for me.
Do small favors for your mom.Then do big favors.
Laugh a lot,enjoy your friends.
Have heroes in life,if they let you down,and some will,so be it.
Climb trees,climb high.
Fish,hunt,play ball,be outdoors as much as you can.
Read books,get lost in books.Keep a library of your own,you can always return to friends in books.
Date a lot when you are old enough.
Girls are an everloving mystery.They will break your heart,but then you will know you have lived.
State your opinions strongly and with conviction.Sometimes you will be wrong but it's ok to be wrong.This is how we learn.
Don't smoke.Don't drink.Drinking brings stupidity.
Be friends with your brothers and sisters throughout your whole life.Never neglect them.
Your gramps was 59 years old when he wrote this.I know that sounds so old you now.
But life goes very fast.Enjoy being alive and if you reach old age,thank God.
One more thing,remember how much I have loved each of you.
Your papa loves you all very,very much.

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