Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Roseland and the Hoods I Have Lived In continued

Times were hard and we did not know it.
I was making about $5.00 an hour and I worked a lot of overtime to pay the bills.
I worked in at Midland Chemical Company on 107th street. I worked there from 1967 to 1974.
Our rent was $85.00 a month,we lived in a very old farmhouse located in Roseland on Chicago's south side.
We lived on the second floor with one bedroom at 114th street an Harvard Ave.
The house we lived it was probably from the early 1900's it was quite a museum.
The bathroom had all the pipes exposed and if you wanted you could open the shade and look out over the neighborhood.
We decided that we needed a dog so we bought a Siberian Husky and named her Natasha.She was a good dog but ran away when ever she got the chance.
These were good times,we laughed a lot at life then.
We brought our first baby home to this apartment and were clueless.Thank God for moms.
Although I still had many friends hanging out with us,it wasn't the same anymore.We had jobs,a kid and responsibilities.
Linda quit her job at Riverdale Bank to stay home with Kevin,our first born.
We had cool cars then,a 1968 Impala,a 1967 Thunderbird and the a 1970 Nova.
You could buy a car for nothing then,car payments were about $65.00.We didn't care about paying off a car loan then.
Electric and gas bills were about $12.00,groceries cost little.
We were not rich by any means but we got by ok.
We bought a tv which was used black and white,I think there were 5 channels.
My tv now has over 200 channels and there is still not much worth watching.
When we were 20 we bought our first house in South Holland for $17,500.Payments were $127.00 a month.
The house we bought was very old,located on South Park Ave,it had been part of a chicken coop at one time and the house had been moved once.There had been many additions to the old house but we were quite happy there.
We had another baby and we named him Mark.
This was a 2 bedroom house so again we found ourselves a bit pressed for space.
more to come....

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