Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So I Got Older

Somedays I feel like I am old.
I am just 59 now so I guess that's not old,at least that's what people tell me.
We bought a fancy treadmill but it makes my hip hurt.
Sitting here tonight I am thinking about taking an extra pain pill.So maybe that is why I am feeling old tonight.
Working brings out the best in me,it is my work that seems to make me forget about neuropathy for a bit.
I meet a lot of older people in my business,I seem to relate better now then when I did when I was young. I started my business when I was 24 and now suddenly I am 59.
35 years doing what I do.That's a long time.

Now,back a week in time:
Last week I was with some of my family for a weeks vacation in the Smoky Mountains.
Linda and I enjoyed every minute of our trip and enjoyed the walks and even some light hiking.
Spending time with younger folks makes me feel pretty darn good.
They stretched me.
My legs hurt after hiking,my hip was going crazy but I was happy.

Moral of the story: Stay busy.It makes me happier.

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