Sunday, January 24, 2010

What is Life?

Living the straight life in the Chicago suburbs when the only friend around is your best friend.
Our tv has been out for a few days and we don't mind.It is late and she has Pandora on.We are listening to Emmy Lou and Alison Krause.

Thinking and praying about your next grand child being born tomorrow.

Thinking and praying about family far away.Computers make them seem not so far away but still...

Spent most of today with a son.That's a good thing to do.



Studying for a test I want to take for advancement in ham radio.My brain is getting sore.

Dreaming about vacations I want to take.Many places to go yet isn't there?

Taking a blood sugar test and seeing the results are still to high.But not horrible.

Finishing the day with a prayer that does not make a lot of sense,then starting the prayer all over.I guess God speaks when we don't know the right questions to ask.I like that.

So today that has been my life.I liked it.

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