Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome Lillian Grace

Today you came into the world at 2:35 PM January 25,2010.

I have not met you yet but someday if you read this I wanted you to know that I prayed for you every day since I learned your mom was going to have you.
Already new prayers have begun for you my dear Lillian. You now face a world that is far from perfect.
You face a world in need,a world that is sad and lonely for many.May you never be in need or lonely.
You have already made my life richer.You are just a few hours old and my thoughts have been with you since your dad called me to tell me that you were born.
Your big sister Brooke is a wonderful girl Lillian,she is going to love you your whole life!
You know you have girl cousins too who can't wait to meet you.There is Maddie,Whitney,Belle and Sarah.They can't wait to meet you too.
Your big brothers are Joel and Caleb.Watch them during your life.they will protect you and love you forever.
Did you know Lillian that God knew of you before you were born? He has a wonderful life planned for you.Stay close and rely on Him when there is no other.
Your boy cousins are very special kids,Andrew,Aaron,Joshua,Alistair and Jared are all just amazing to me.They are going to be very fun cousins!
If I can claim God's love and protection for you I do so now Lillian.
I write this to you my dear one 60 years after the day I was born.I wanted you to know how much I love you.
Your Papa Loves You Verrry Much!

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