Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Stuff That Makes My Brain Hurt Sometimes

Some serious questions,some not so serious.

Asking friends about grace,I get some pretty good answers.
Asking myself about grace I get some pretty crummy answers.

I am a little afraid of people that know every answer to every question.
I am old enough to know there are some answers and some questions do not really need to be asked.

Where there is money,happiness does not come easy.
Where there is not money,happiness does not come easy.

If you manage to make a living doing what you like,that is a good thing.

The faith of some younger people amazes me.

When things go well in my businesses I am pretty spiritual.

When things are not going well I am less spiritual. I am working on this.For most of my life it seems.

When my daughter says she is going to India for a month it was not an easy thing for me to deal with. I came up with about a hundred reasons why she should not go.
Perhaps it was a lack of faith on my part.No matter.
I have every confidence in Rob,my son-in law.
When I look at his life,I see his love not only for my daughter and his family,I see his love of people.And God.

Did you ever read your Bible and come up blank?
Did you ever read your Bible and be astounded?

People who fast should not post daily about their fast.

Conspiracy nuts annoy me to no end.

more to come

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Becky said...

I enjoy reading your site ..
You speak the truth with your feelings,easy to see ..
Keep sharing your insights to all of us ..
You are a cool guy !
God love you !