Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Birthday Michelle

May 10, 1973. On that day my life was changed forever.
You were born with dark hair and lots of it! Many of us thought you looked liked a little Indian girl.
How things changed in my life.
I could not wait to get home from work to hold you,to comfort and feed you.
You were easy.You were my real gift from God and how I loved you.
You didn't fuss,you seldom cried.
Of course a dad's memory might have built in prejudice but that is fine with me.
Through the years I watched you.You made your first friends,You made people happy.
You made people smile.I remember so well the compliments I got on your looks,your behaviour,and your smile.
How well I remember singing to you and having you look into this daddy's eyes and then I felt my heart melting.
All through these years I have loved you very,very much.
And Michelle,you still make my heart melt.
Happy Birthday my darling daughter.
You still make my heart melt.

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