Monday, May 4, 2009

Mothers Day 2009

Mothers Day is celebrated here usually at out home.
I tell her,you don't need to cook you know.There is normally a fairly large crowd here.
I mention that we can just get some chicken,or some other carry out.
She says she does not mind the cooking,the girls always bring something to share.
I tell her it is easier if you don't cook.
She puts me off and says it's not a problem.
I think to myself,it is easier not to cook.
I mention a restaurant would be nice.
She puts me off and says it's pretty hard with over 20 people to get a restaurant for Mothers Day.
She is at her best when serving others.She can talk to 25 people and each conversation she has makes you feel like you are very special.
The granddaughters seem to flock around her asking endless questions.
The grandsons stay busy,running around inside and outside.About a hundred miles an hour.

I watch her.She smiles.She never ever raises her voice.She laughs.
She is happy serving.
I will mention again before Mothers Day is here that she does not have to cook.
I know what the answer will be.
I am still in love,after 39 years. Love does not get old.

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