Monday, November 2, 2009


Slow down your life a little,it goes to fast.

On the other hand slowing down your life might make you miss something you enjoy.

On the other hand you can enjoy fewer things more.

On the other hand when you get more stuff to enjoy that stuff soon becomes old stuff.

Stuff we but sure collects dust.

So I bought dust covers and now I can't see my stuff.

I have some really old things.I can't throw it away.

The few things I have thrown away I think about.

When I get a new car I look at it through my window a lot.

A few days later I might look at it once in a while.

A few weeks later it's just a car that I might like but it's just a car.

When the amount of money you have defines your level off spirituality,you better redefine your life. (I am always learning this.I am a slow learner.)

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