Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Whitney!

My Dear Whitney,
Today you are 10 years old.
Happy Birthday !
I am so happy to have you in my life,you always make this ol' papa smile.
I write to you today having so much hope and love in my heart for you.
I wanted to say some things about your future.
Your first 10 years have been good.I see you have made many friends and that is so important!
Keep these childhood friends Whit,you won't ever forget them.They are a gift.
Your next ten years will be life changing.
Growing into womanhood will be a truly amazing experience.
Schools,learning,trusting God daily,these are things to remember as you go.
There may come times when you don't understand God.There may come times when you don't understand your dad or mom.There may come times when life is to confusing.
These times will come and go quickly.
The experiences God puts us through shapes us,teaches us and matures us into the kind of person God wants us to be.
Always be on guard because there are many things in life that want us to fail.There will be temptation's to face and many choices to make.

I wonder about your life,will you be a teacher? Will you be a mom? Will you be a doctor or nurse? A lawyer? Somehow no matter what it is I know I will be so proud of you.
I see in you a spirit of kindness.
I see in you a sense of humor.(probably from your dad) and this is a good thing.
Most of all I see in you a spirit of loving others and I love you for that.
So,life will be a mystery for the next ten years.When you are twenty you will be an amazing person Whit.
Happy Birthday Whitney,
Your Papa loves you Verrrrry Much.

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